Easter Lily

I love lilys, and I really love Easter lilys.  I don’t have any, but I love them all the same.

The pure white, the dominate yellow, and then the fresh green of spring.

So desperate for spring.

Driving home tonight I had the radio on.  The DJ was talking about turkey dinner.  I had a panic attack – I should be making a turkey dinner?????

Well I guess in another life I would.  Or at least a fancy dinner.

But as it’s just me, not really sure what I’ll make to recognize the holiday.

The dairy allergy has prevented me from enjoying chocolate for 10 years now, and while I can get through Halloween without too much mourning, Easter is a problem.  See Halloween is about over indulgence, the quality isn’t there, but Easter is a better quality of overdose

Regardless of some of the alternatives Facebook posted in response to my rant, I don’t feel like substitute chocolate is still chocolate.  Besides, I don’t want the carbs and I certainly don’t want the calories.  I’m just naming how I feel, so I can move on from the gumps.

Will have to find some other way to make the weekend.

I’m still really out of sorts.

I’ll be going to what will be only my 2nd funeral.  I’ve been to a couple of memorial services, but not a lot of funerals.  Being an immigrant, the loss of grandparents was at a distance.

I don’t know the protocols and I’m very nervous.  I’m also very upset.  I can’t believe she’s gone.  The community is stunned.  I spoke to her boss today, and he’s just reeling.

Love…just love…that is all that matters

Where the Change Starts 076


Is there a link between exercise and happiness?

Sometimes, when you’re sad, and you’re sad for real reasons, it’s hard to stay sad when you exercise.

Sometimes I want to wallow, I want to pout, to shake my fist at the sky.  But the exercise releases endorphins and will really improve your mood.

And sometimes that’s not appropriate.

Sometimes you just want to lean into the sadness, because it’s appropriate.

Because it’s real, because it matters.

And sometimes, while peddling like mad, you can just cry over the commercials, or at least that’s what you’ll tell your self

What matters

Today isn’t about exercise.

Today isn’t about ‘the food’.

Today isn’t about feminism.

Today isn’t about mass media.

Today isn’t about ‘the rant’.

Today is about losing a friend.

And as I think about the word “friend” it means so much.  My friend and I didn’t see each other socially.  There was always a work component to it.  But we caught up on what the kids were doing, the joys, the sorrows, the hopes and dreams.

We’d get maybe 2 lunches a year in, but would keep track of each other through Facebook.

That was totally fine, and I do believe in such friendships.  There are friendships that take work, and there are others that are comfortable, with minimal expectations, but great joy.

Karen hired me.  She and Len were part of the hiring committee, almost 10 years ago, that hired me for the United Way.  When I remarked on this being my 10th year with the United Way, she commented that I was her best hire.

The compliment came at a time of great stress and change for the organization, and despite all that, her comment meant so much to me.

So today, this week, will be a rough week, as we honour and cherish our friend.

Snow in California Orchard

‘Thinner and Cuter’ Women Get Better Jobs and Higher Pay

Don’t you just hate living on this planet?


Top tips to be a frugal babe – Less stuff, less waste, more money, more gratitude

Because “person, woman, parent, spouse, homeowner” wouldn’t work?

Great tips, but wasn’t even going to click through because of the “babe” bit.  Did because I decided to blog the article.

Language is SO important.  It really matters.


Because when I saw “babe” I assumed the information wouldn’t apply to me because I don’t think of myself as a “babe”.  So I assumed it was a flighty article about single women who drank $10 a day Starbucks coffees and spent $600 on shoes per week, lived in an urban setting and were 6 feet tall, size 0 and were Victoria Secret models.

Yes I jumped to the stereotype of “babe”.

I don’t fit the stereotype, so I moved on.

But as usually I couldn’t let it go, and went back.

Do click through, great tips, just wish they hadn’t used “babe”.

look fat


Better questions:

How does this outfit make me feel?

Honestly, how many times will you wear this?

Does it fit the budget?

Some of my recent purchases are shaped, so they skim the hour glass figure that’s emerging.  That freaks me out a little.  Moving away from giant t-shirts and sweaters to something that is shaped is a shift.

The first time I wear something like that I always feel more exposed.

Strangely enough though, it’s wearing those outfits that have produced the strongest reaction to the change in shape and the weight loss.

Going into the winter I had a minor goal of hitting spring and throwing off all the heavy sweaters to reveal a trimmer me, and, due to this extraordinary winter, that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do.  It’s only now that people are starting to notice the change.

And while I’ve done none of this for them, the attention and compliments are very much appreciated.  For so long it’s one pound at a time, one mile at the gym, at a time, and it’s work.

I also get just as much of a boost from a compliment as I do from using my strength.  Picking up 80 cups of coffee from Tim Hortons the other day and carrying it to an event: not hard!

Nothing boosts the ego more than stunning ‘the guys’ by being strong!  Who cares what I look like – kicking butt and taking names!

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