No yoga this morning

Despite the best intentions…going to rest the cold a little longer.

Young businessman standing over a young businesswoman sleeping on a couch

Best laid plans

So we have a new routine…what’s that scratchy throat feeling…NO!Couch_Potato_by_DustyMcg

Yep, first cold in 2 years.

Well dang!

I don’t like taking cold medication, and lozenges to sooth the throat are full of sugar.

It’s funny when I lose my voice, it gets all deep, like a 2 pack a day, whiskey drinking bar fly that been rode hard and left to dry out.  The English accent has also come back when I lose my voice.  It’s rather silly at that point.

I never know how to push it when I’m sick.  I skipped Tuesday’s workout, because I thought the extra sleep might help me skip the cold altogether.  But that didn’t happen.  I swam my mile today and felt pretty good.

Near the end of the day, it caught up with me again.

I had a Raindrop treatment on Tuesday and again today.  Really seems to shorten the cold.  I hope so, I am too focused on what needs to be done now, to have to take a break.

Yoga in the morning, that should set it straight!

I refuse to be sick!

The new routine

So I met with Shannon from Stonetree on Tuesday and we laid out a plan for the next couple of weeks.

We didn’t set any specific targets or goals, but that’s ok.  They will present themselves in their own time.run

So right now this is the plan

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 1 mile swim

Friday – yoga class

Saturday – general class (which I have yet to do)

Sunday – rest or 1 mile swim

Monday and Tuesday – TRX routine

I find my body responds, and the pounds drop, when I mix things up.  Routine just settles everything down and there’s no loss.

Saturday’s a big day for me, so I will just ensure I swim on Sunday to make up for the skip.  I’ll be active, but in a “chicken with their head cut off” kind of a way.

Wordless Wednesday

Hudson (5)

Puttering around


Yesterday was my ‘biggest’ day since I got my UP band, which tracks my activity, essentially it’s an electronic pedometer, that syncs with my IPad so I can see the results.

Yesterday I was in charge of the putting contest at a golf tournament.  So from about 11:20 through to dinner being served at 7:50, I was on the go.  Mostly walking, but on the go.  By the end of the day my legs were pretty sore, and while the feet were fun, they were aching pretty good too.

But we had a blast and raised a pile of money, which is what matters!

But today is a rest day.  It’s not suppose to be, but it is going to be.  The work day started at 7 am, and I got home from the event around 9:30 pm.  Love the sense of accomplishment such a day brings, but need to pace the week, that was only Monday!  Who knows what the rest of the week will bring!



workAfter the triathlon, I went back to swimming to finish the 100 mile goal.  So today was the first time I was back in the bike seat since March.

I did 10 miles in 35 minutes, at a good speed, and felt great afterwards.  I didn’t reach that exhaustion, that desire to talk myself out of the goal I’d set of doing 6.25 miles, which is why I kept going to do the full 10.

I’m not really sure what is happening with my fitness levels and where I’m at.  I’m feeling pretty terrific and strong.  When I go to do something, my body does what I want it to do, with minimal complaint.  Ok the knee is still giving me heck, but that is now just background noise and something I have to endure.

I’m booked to  meet with the trainer this week to get an assessment and a some new goals.

I still need to work on getting the weight off, as it does hold me back from what I want to do etc, and I’m sure the knee will appreciate it too, but we’re getting there.

My outside bike is repaired now, so I can just jump and go when the mood suits me.  On days I don’t need the car, I could possibly even bike to work!

Donating Blood


I was worried donating blood would be a problem when you’re Keto adapted, the whole ‘blood sugar’ thing. They offer lots of sugary snacks to help you recover from the donation, but it all went really well

Originally posted on Bruce Grey Owen Sound First:

I remember cleary the first time I donated blood.  I was 17 and just old enough, and the Red Cross (it was the 80’s and pre HIV-Aids) did a big push at our high school.  One of the cool boys fainted, and yes we were mean and laughed in the hallways the next day.  But not being part of the ‘cool’ kids seemed to make that ok.

Over the years I’d donate here and there and one broke university day, I was starving so I donated to get the free food.  I also remember taking the kids when they were small, so they would see what it was all about, and it wouldn’t be scary.

But then we moved rural and it just fell off the radar in terms of making a point to do it.  The blood scandal of the 80’s and the change to Canadian Blood Services all…

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